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You’re never too old for a beautiful smile!

Despite the stigma that may surround the idea of being an adult with braces, it is never too late to seek corrective orthodontic care and improve your smile, as well as your life. More and more adults are embracing this idea; one out of every five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21.

Adult orthodontic treatment can be successful even though the jaws and teeth are fully developed. There are several reasons for an adult to pursue corrective orthodontic treatment:

  • Their parents couldn’t afford it when they were growing up
  • An adult had braces when they were younger, but their teeth have moved since their braces were removed
  • They had an injury in which their teeth and/ or jaw experienced trauma that needs to be repaired

Whatever your reason is, don’t let a stigma keep you from improving your life by obtaining a beautiful smile.

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